Megalithic structure near Madaba

Dolmen, Menhir, Cuphole, Stone Alignment

Wadi Jadid located within 10 km to the south west of Madaba city at Al Fiha village. This Wadi is a field of dolmens (Burial Chambers or large stone memorials), where you could see more than 40 dolmens (12 of them standing in a very good condition) and the rest are damaged probably by earthquakes. Also there are several menhirs, cupholes and stone alignments as well.

These dolmens dating to around 3000 B.C about 5000 years old, from the Early Bronze Age I.

The locals there belived that dolmens are the houses of ghosts, they called it in Arabic Bit Al Ghula.  

Dolmens been found in many Mediterranean area, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Kafkaz in Russia including thousands in Jordan.

Photos taken by Charl Al Twal during his visit in 14th of May 2006.

More photos coming soon for the dolmens at Zarqa Main taken by George Isaaq from W2Go.

Organize Tour: Those interested to visit the Dolmens at Wadi Jadid may contact Charl Al Twal at  Mariam hotel e-mail or .

Dolmen-1 /Wadi Jadid
A dolmen-3 from above / Wadi Jadid

Dolmen-2 / Wadi Jadid
Dolmen-4 / Wadi Jadid

Dolmen-5 / Wadi Jadid
Dolmen-6 / Wadi Jadid

Dolmen-7 / Wadi Jadid
Dolmen-8 / Wadi Jadid

Fallen dolmen one of many / Wadi Jadid
Dolmen-9 / Wadi Jadid

Two dolmens with about 20 meters distance / Wadi Jadid
Two dolmens within 10 meters distance / Wadi Jadid

Carrved inscription inside dolmen
Close up of carrved inscription inside dolmen

Cuphole-1 / Wadi Jadid
Cuphole-2 / Wadi Jadid

Rock-cut / Wadi Jadid
Stone Alignment-1 / Wadi Jadid

Stone Alignment-2 / Wadi Jadid
Stone Alignment-3 / Wadi Jadid

Menhir-1 / Wadi Jadid
Menhir-2 / Wadi Jadid

Photos been taken by Charl Al TWal